Our Story

ALRO PROMOTION INC. It is a direct sales company via the internet and through customer service through the telephone line to provide an efficient and high-quality distribution service for health products.

ALRO PROMOTION INC. It has the advice and scientific medical support from the researchers of ZRG DETOX INC. , Dr. Juan Alberto Zamarripa and Dr. Enrique Gómez Bastidas; who obtained the NDC: 62630-001-17 (National Drug Code) assigned by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the USA) for the product of registered and patented name PREQUIMM.

Our Mision

We are a group of professionals with the same objective of helping, guiding and supporting all people who are looking for guidance to improve their health.

Our main objective is that you find an improvement through our formulas and can wake up every day full of energy and with new purposes to live the life you deserve.

Our Vision

It is and always will be to provide safe, innovative and high-quality formulas and products that will help you and improve your quality of life using one hundred percent natural and high-quality ingredients.


Improve your quality of life

Temporarily relieves nausea and vomiting
of chemotherapy treatments.

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