All the testimonial material you will find at alropromotion .com is based on the personal stories of patients.

Results may change from person to person. And it is only for informational purposes that they are published. All of the information in this document is not intended to replace and is not intended to be professional advice from your healthcare provider or intended as medical advice to replace a relationship with a healthcare professional.

The information collected is grouped from existing data and research and is offered as an exchange of knowledge and information.

Approaches described in this web document are not offered as remedies, prescriptions, or diagnoses. The authors and the administrator of this website do not assume any responsibility in the use of this information. I encourage you to make your own decision is in collaboration with a medical health professional. Consult your doctor before using any information presented as a way to aid your treatment.

In relation to the use of PreQuimm in patients.

PreQuimm is an auxiliary product that is not intended to replace the use of other conventional medications treated in patients with Cancer. Its use is voluntary and its result may vary depending on the patient and the type of Cancer

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